Gunbarrel Wildfire Photos 08/02/08

Photos of the Gunbarrel Wildfire between Cody, Wyoming and
Yellowstone National Park in the Shoshone National Forest.

As of 08/03/08 fire was reported at approx 22,000 acres.




Forgot my tripod at home…. Keep one in the truck now. 😉 

taken from Powell on 8/3/08

17 thoughts on “Gunbarrel Wildfire Photos 08/02/08

  1. WOW Tina. Awesome photos. The ones of the fire crews especially were touching. Young George’s best buddy Weston is on the Hot Shot Crew out of Greybull. He’s out there fighting one of these fires.
    Bless them all, and keep them safe. Thanks for sharing and bringing it a little closer. Kelly

  2. I’m really impressed Tina – great shots! we’ve got a big fire going on down here too. So far it’s on forest and wilderness … not close yet … but the smoke is making everything interesting. 🙂

  3. Always knew that my daughter was extremely talented. This proves it! Very awesome photos for sure! Keep up the good work! Mom

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  5. These are GREAT photos! I used to live in Cody and still have family there so I have been trying to keep track of this fire. I live in California and the fire season is just awful this year!
    Remember to pray for the firefighters as their job is extremely tough and every prayer counts. Alittle over a week ago here in Northern California a helicopter flying more fire fighters in to fight a wildfire crashed due to heavy smoke and all onboard lost their lives.
    Please prayer for all fire fighters who are out fighting our countries wildfires and for those who stayed back to take care of the other fires that could start in our home towns.

  6. As an ex-Volunteer at the Hainesville Volunteer Fire Department I know the danger that the Fire Fighters are in and also the Photographer. The power in the photos is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them. George

  7. You definately have an eye for taking pictures. The 11th one from the end is my best. I really like the night time pictures. Keep up the good work. Melinda

  8. My God! I lived in Worland for over 15 years and that is just tearing my heart out. I had no idea this is happening. May God keep all of em safe. Your in my prayers.

  9. My name is Kristina, I live in Twin Falls Idaho, however; Cody Wyoming is my home town. My family and I were just up there about three weeks ago visiting my parents whom still live in Cody. The fire was just barely getting started but it had already burned alot. It breaks my heart to look at these pictures! But they are breath taking pictures! My prayers are with all that live near the fire and exspecially with the firefighters! May god be with them!!

  10. Awsome pictures!! My husband I were fishing and camping when this fire started. We saw the lightning stike, we got back to the car and seen the smoke, we went to the camp host at Rex Hale and she called the Ranger station and to the best of our knowlege it had not been reported yet. We have some pictures of the first smoke that came up. Hope it goes out soon.

  11. AWSOME PICTURES !!. You should be a professional photographer if you are not. It was surprising how much detail you got. It also showed how terrible it was yet beautiful. Hope it is out, I don’t keep up on news so don’t know if out or not. Thanks again for sharing.

  12. Wow, these are amazing pictures! I was working at the lodge on Gunbarrel Creek when the fire started and it was frightening but so amazing at the same time. Your photographs brings back so many memories, like someone said, they show how terrible but beautiful this event was. Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures!


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