7 thoughts on “Calla Lily Wedding Cake

  1. My gosh you’re GOOD! I love that you are so talented (and your my friend!) – just wish we were closer. 🙂 Beautiful cake Tina … I’m so impressed with your skills – great job!

  2. Hi there. I just stumbled upon your site and I’m totally blown away! I am doing a similar design and I was trying to find ideas on how to anchor the flowers so that I could have them standing up like in your photo. Any tips on how you did it? Did you secure the bases into a gumpaste center? I look forward to hearing back from you!

    • Hi Lara, Thanks so much! Makes my day when I get feedback like yours!
      This was a few years ago, but here goes… 😉
      I put a pvc pipe in the top of the cake to hold the topper because it was pretty heavy and I didn’t want it getting lopsided because there was only cake and buttercream to hold it in place so putting the pipe in there, the height of the top layer, as a kind of vase really helped a lot. If I had to do it over, I would have found some lighter color floral tape to match the leaves I had made more closely… live and learn, right. Once the flowers were made and ready to be made into a bouquet I just used floral tape, because thanks to the “vase/pipe” in the middle, it was not going to be touching the actual cake. I vaguely remember something like using sturdy straws for the lilly stems – or maybe wire and a straw – I just can’t remember now, sorry about that. Once all the flowers were together (just like if you were making a real bouquet with a group of stems on the bottom to hold on to) , I cut a circle in an 8 inch round cardboard (set that on top of a bowl or box) to let them rest on and then used green royal icing to insert the leaves where I wanted them – this support helped while I was finishing them and during a very bumpy transport. Also.. I have found out that putting bubble wrap down on the table where I’m working is very handy… if you drop one, it’s less likely to break . The stamens are yellow fondant rolled in yellow corn meal which looked very good.

      For the lillies.. I actually made a ton of little paper cones in different shapes and sizes and used those to dry my flowers on to keep them open – very helpful and they don’t come out looking too much alike. Before they were all the way dry I would go back over them and curl the ends of some a little bit more. Hope that helps!!

  3. Oh my your calla lily cakes are extraordinary I’m getting married May 11th and if I could afford one of your cakes I would so love to have one they are absolutely beautiful and unbelievable

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