20 thoughts on “Baseball Cake

  1. You’re probably a professional and don’t want to share your secrets, but how did you cover that ball in fondant?! It looks amazing!

    • Thanks Kevin!
      I’m not a professional – to this point I’ve just been doing cakes for friends and family. The baseball isn’t fondant, it’s buttercream. I didn’t even attempt fondant because it was for a 1st birthday and it’s always more fun for kids to get icing all over. To make it smooth, I let the buttercream crust, then used a few viva paper towels and my smoother tool (typically used for fondant) to create the smooth ball.
      The base is fondant. I cut out the bases in 1/4″ thick fondant – secured them to the board, then laid another layer of fondant over the bases and then hand painted the in-field.
      Hope that helps! Tina

      • Did you use gel color to paint it or like airbrush color? It looks awesome..you did a great job! I’m going to attempt one like it this weekend.

      • Hi Lacy, I mixed gel color with vodka and handpainted the field and the name. The laces where red gel (pre-made sparkle gel). Thanks! Hope your cake goes well! Send me a pic!!

      • Thank you! I would have never thought of vodka! I’m starting it tonight. Wish me luck!

      • Vodka works really well. I’ve used lemon extract before since it was for a kids cake, but it didn’t dry very well and as far as I know all the alcohol evaporates. One time in a pinch, I tried using tequila… ha. I don’t recommend it.

  2. Just wanted to say I love this cake. I found it searching google images for a birthday cake for my son’s first birthday. It’s so hard to choose a favorite and I am going to try a variation of this one one using fondant covered cake for the base. Not sure how to do his name though, it’s Owen so maybe will connect the underline to the ‘n’.

    What did you do for the silver for the name?


    • Thanks Gretche! I used a baseball-type font on my computer then modified it slightly with a pen, then laid it out over fondant, cut it out with an exacto knife, then I laid the cut-out name on the round cake pan with a towel & parchment over it (the towel to increase the arch – to allow for the thickness of the icing & the parchment, of course so it doesn’t stick to the towel) Once it was dried, I either used a touch of black or dusty blue with vodka to get the gray or mixed silver luster dust with vodka – I can’t remember which one actually worked best – keep an extra piece of fondant to test on before actually painting it. I finished the name when dry with some silver luster dust to add the final shine. You could start the “O” on the right bottom – with the line of the “O” going counter-clockwise then extend the “tail of the O” under all the letter to connect them. Hope that made sense! Good luck!!

  3. I love this cake! Did you use a support for the ball? I’m afraid that my ball is going to roll off my board. How did you get it to stay on the board.

    • Hi Trish, Thank you!! I cut off a little bit of the bottom of the ball to give it a flat surface to sit on and put a little buttercream “glue” down before I put the cake on the board. Once I got it all done it was surprisingly stable. This cake had to travel about 5 hours away so before we left, I used round lollipop sticks to stabilize it on 4 sides so the first time we stepped on the brakes it didn’t go rolling away. If you don’t have to take it anywhere, cutting off a little cake from the bottom should work just fine as long as you can keep it on flat surface. Good luck!

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    • What did you use for the base of the cake? And what size did you use? I mean the board that
      you covered in fondant. I’m planning on making this cake for my brother’s end of the season baseball team party on Sunday.

      • Hi Ally, I tried to find the board but not sure where it’s at so I would have to guess that the board is about 12″ x 12″ because the baseball cake was about 7″ in diameter. My dear hubby cut it for me, sanded the edges then I drew out the bases in pencil, cut the bases out of fondant (to make them stand up higher than the rest of the field) and used a fondant/water mix to “glue” them to the board. Then I rolled out the top layer of fondat, spritzed the board with water, then laid the top layer of fondant over the cut-out bases. pressed it down, cut off the excess, then hand painted it. Hope that helps! Tina

  5. How did you smooth the ball with the towels? I understand it was hardened a little, but were the towels wet? did they stick at all? the buttercream didn’t come off? did you use pressure on the smoother over the towel? I’m sorry for the bondbardment of questions, but I would LOVE to be able to use that technique! I can’t picture it! what kind of fondant smoother? thnks and beautiful work!

    • Hi Alexa! No problem at all and thanks for the comments!

      First things first… Here’s the fondant smoother I’ve always used:

      Buttercream will “crust” when it’s had a chance to set for a bit. It’s not a really hard crust… just a non-sticky thin crust on top of the buttercream that allows you to touch it lightly without any buttercream coming off. A lot of times when I use a Viva paper towel (always dry) to smooth buttercream with I will have to take a few attempts at it otherwise you may go beyond the dry thin crust and into the wet icing. I will work with it, let it set or put in fridge… then go back again after it’s chilled or set for awhile (depending on the heat in the room) If it’s winter for example, I can probably just leave it out, but if it’s warm at all – in the fridge it goes!

      So, the process of smoothing with the dry paper towel and the fondant smoother is pretty easy. Lay the clean dry Viva paper towel (why viva? because it’s super smooth) over the area you want to smooth, then lightly go over the top of the towel with the smoother. Work a small section to get the feel for it and if your paper towel gets wet icing on it – get a new one. If your towel is getting wet, it could be a few things: the buttercream hasn’t crusted enough, you’re getting too aggressive with the fondant smoother, it’s too hot in the room for the buttercream, or your cake needs to be chilled in the fridge.

      I did a quick search on youtube so if you’re a visual learner like I am this should help too. Things I do differently is always using viva because I don’t want that paper towel texture and I use the fondant smoother because your hands can heat up the icing.

      Let me know if any of that didn’t make any sense! Have fun! Tina

  6. Hi there!! I just ran across this cake and wanted to let you know how wonderful I think it looks!! I am thinking of making one for my husband’s birthday next week (Friday). I haven’t committed to doing it yet because we also have a very busy 18-month-old daughter. Do you remember how long it took you to make it? I have never attempted anything like this before. I have only made boring box cakes with the normal two layers and icing in between. Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Jenn, Thanks for the comment!! Because of the size of the cake (small) I would say YES! go for it! Baking it – easy peasy. You can continue to refrigerate as you go (very handy with little ones) The most time consuming part for me was getting the baseball really smooth. I wish I could tell you how long that took, but I just don’t know for sure. I would give myself 2 days to make one if busy – cook, construct and a. t least crumb coat (thin layer of icing all over) then refrigerate overnight so it’s all ready to finish icing and smoothing the next day. The name on it could really be optional or print the name out on thicker paper – cut that out – and the put it on the cake before the party so the paper doesn’t absorb any or too much butter from the buttercream. Hope that helps!!!

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