Western “Branded” Birthday Cake with Horseshoes & Barbed Wire

This western cake is surrounded by hand made sugar barbed wire, sugar horseshoes and western cattle/horse brands. The cake is german chocolate with homemade coconut pecan filling in the middle and covered with german chocolate buttercream – all from scratch.   Yum! This cake was done for my Wee Bites cancer fundraiser website along with 80 large german chocolate whoopies – fit right in with their western theme and got lots of compliments (the party organizer told me there were anyway) 🙂  Had a lot of fun making this one:

western birthday cake brands branded barbed wire barb wire horseshoes

Western cake with barbed wire, horseshoes & brandswestern birthday cake with brands, horseshoes & barbed wirewestern birthday cake with brands, horseshoes & barbed wirewestern birthday cake with brands, horseshoes & barbed wire

 top of cake with custom brand



Sugar Butterflies

These butterflies were perfect for some lemon drop cupcakes and even used them on some pink sparkle cake pops.

sugar butterflies mini lemon cupcakes

Sugar butterflies on mini cupcakes

Cake pops

I’ve been amassing a variety of cake pop characters since last fall – these are some of my favs!

Pumpkin Carving/Sculpting 02 – Tree Brain

Meet Tree Brain – you’d think in all the time it took to carve him I could have come up with a better name! ha.  – Pumpkin carving attempt #2 – 42.5 pound Dill Atlantic Pumpkin. See Big-Eyed-Boo Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin Carving/Sculpting 01 – Big Eyed Boo!

Well, I made an attempt to grow to GIANT pumpkins this year… and well, let’s just say they didn’t make it to GIANT status but they were heavy… or maybe I was just tired! *L*  One was 42.5 pounds and the other was 26.5 pounds… not huge by any  means, but they are my first, so I love them.   Because I have talked to these pumpkins all summer & fall (to encourage growth I suppose – or just because they were good listeners)  I decided to try my hand at sculpting since they were so heavy for their size, they were supposed to have thick “skin” and they did… so they worked out perfect and I only broke one tool on them – like due to my overzealous carving. I watched a show on pumpkin carving on food network a few weeks ago and it looked like too much fun not to try. See Tree-Brain Pumpkin #2

Meet Big Eyed Boo – Pumpkin carving attempt #1 – 25.5 pound Dill Atlantic Pumpkin

New sweets on the way this fall!

We’re doing two cancer “bake sale” type fundraisers this fall for my 2-year old granddaughter who has liver cancer. 100% of our profits will go to Mazie’s family (http://www.miracle4mazie.org) We’ve done quite a bit of fundraising this summer and now it’s time for BAKING FUN!!  woo hoo. I absolutely can’t wait!   I have so many recipes to pick from it’s really hard to narrow them down!  For sure, we will be at the Kappa Kraft Fair in Powell, WY on Sat. Nov. 27th at the fairgrounds and if we get in, we will also be at the Country Christmas on Sat. Dec. 4th in downtown Powell, WY.  We also might be taking special orders for parties – after we make a few hundres we’ll see how we feel about doing more then! *L*

My friend, PJ and I are coming up with some great stuff so check back soon!  I’ll be posting our grandson Conner’s b-day treats sometime in Nov.  He’s going to be 3 and he loves strawberries so I hope he loves what I’m making him – along with a “C” Super hero cape, of course!

Big Cupcake with Creepy & Cute Animals

Our grandson’s 2nd birthday. This cake was put together in a bit of a hurry because we had to travel and it was late, but the kids loved it.  My dad and I made the fondant animals a few days before not knowing for sure how they would go over and everyone was “calling” their animals so it worked out well. Apparently, our grandson likes fondant better than cake or icing (we witnessed this last  year with the Lion cake too) so next year I’m making him a cake but his part will just be some big fondant animal since that’s the only part he’s interested in anyway. We trucked these animals all over Yellowstone on our way to the party and not one of them broke!  Thank you bubble wrap!

The animals started out to be cute an cuddly – in my head anyway… but took a turn. The kids didn’t even seem to mind! 😉 We had a murky depths fang fish with deep set crystal eyes, cute whale blowing water, yellow & black salamander, long neck dino eating, flying bug-eyed frog and hissing snake.