Sculpted Pumpkins – Scary Clown & Scamper from Igor Movie

2 more pumpkins this year!  The clown was sculpted from my own 44 pound Dill’s Big Atlantic Pumpkin and Scamper was sculpted from a 55 pound pumpkin I won in a raffle, then donated back to the same cause for their auction fundraiser.  I hear he went to a good home!

Scary sculpted pumpkin clown evil halloween

Sculpted Pumpkin Carved Scamper Igor Halloween Pumpkins Sculpting

the “real” scamper…

Pumpkin Carving/Sculpting 02 – Tree Brain

Meet Tree Brain – you’d think in all the time it took to carve him I could have come up with a better name! ha.  – Pumpkin carving attempt #2 – 42.5 pound Dill Atlantic Pumpkin. See Big-Eyed-Boo Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin Carving/Sculpting 01 – Big Eyed Boo!

Well, I made an attempt to grow to GIANT pumpkins this year… and well, let’s just say they didn’t make it to GIANT status but they were heavy… or maybe I was just tired! *L*  One was 42.5 pounds and the other was 26.5 pounds… not huge by any  means, but they are my first, so I love them.   Because I have talked to these pumpkins all summer & fall (to encourage growth I suppose – or just because they were good listeners)  I decided to try my hand at sculpting since they were so heavy for their size, they were supposed to have thick “skin” and they did… so they worked out perfect and I only broke one tool on them – like due to my overzealous carving. I watched a show on pumpkin carving on food network a few weeks ago and it looked like too much fun not to try. See Tree-Brain Pumpkin #2

Meet Big Eyed Boo – Pumpkin carving attempt #1 – 25.5 pound Dill Atlantic Pumpkin