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Mini Birthday Cakes
5 chocolate mini-cakes with chocolate ganache icing, chocolate mosaic and sugar flowers.
March 2008

Mini Cakes with Flowers

Love Birds – 65th Anniversary Cake
2 layer white cake with buttercream icing, sugar flowers & leaves, sugar birds & birdsnest – I have much more respect for birds now… after making each twig by hand then constructing the nest one twig at a time!
March 2008

love birds anniversary cake

Fall Leaves / Fall Wedding Cake
3 teir fall wedding cake covered with fondant, with sugar leaves, berries & twigs. Hand painted vines. Ribbon is non-edible.
Fall 2007

fall leaves wedding cake

Flip Flop Cake
2 chocolate cake flip flops with hand-painted & shaped fondant & sugar straps. This cake, by the way – was never eaten… she said it was too pretty to cut. 🙂  what a great compliment!
August 2007

flip flop cake

Spaghetti & Meatballs Cake
1 layer white cake with buttercream icing, fondant “spaghetti”, chocolate covered cookie & creme cheese “meatballs”, strawberry “tomato” sauce, green chocolate “oregano”, white chocolate “parmesan” and real parsley.  If I ever had to make it again, I would use some kind of icing instead of strawberry sauce because it ran down through the cake an seeped out around the outside of the cake and made everything a little messy – but it tasted great!

spaghetti and meatballs cake

Seashell & Calla Lillies Wedding Cakes
2 layer white & chocolate cakes with buttercream icing, sugar calla lillies, white chocolate  hand-painted seashells, royal icing coral, and sugar pearls
Spring 2006

hmmm… bad lighting – looked much better in person 🙂

Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear Cake
3D mini-bear with white cake and buttercream, colored with cocoa powder instead of food coloring dyes for 1 year old b-day party.  Looks like this little bear had a long winter… 😉

fuzzy brown teddy bear cake