Spongebob Squarepants & Krabby Patty Cake

This cake was made for our grandson’s 2nd birthday. The cake had to travel 5 hours to Montana so I tried to come up with a method to have Spongebob laying down so he could take the trip better – but not just have him laying flat on a cake board – so that’s where the giant krabby patty came into play.

spongebob cake krabby patty cake

spongebob squarepants cake

spongebob birthday cake krabby patty

spongebob birthday cake

where’s waldo… errr.. I mean, spongebob!

krabby patty cake crabby patties

The bottom and top bun are 10″ round yellow cake each covered in fondant. The “krabby patty” is a 10-inch round brownie. The lettuce is fondant. I tried to research if a tomato or sauce/ketchup… or anything else was showing and got a lot of different answers so I decided to create my own special krabby patty sauce and attach the lettuce with it.  Spongebob is also made from cake and fondant with some hand-painting and was removeable from the krabby patty. The board is covered in 2-tone fondant and hand-painted. The birthday boy got to have Spongebob and we all ate krabby patty.

I had a great new assistant to help me with the final steps of the cake. She created her own spongebob for practice as I was making mine. This was her first fondant cake and she did a fantastic job! We ran out of time and it was getting late and she had class in the morning and since it’s close to halloween.. decided to get into the spirit early and finished her armless & legless sb with a gorey twist… so, if you  may not want to show this last photo to small children… it’s a bit gorey.


12 thoughts on “Spongebob Squarepants & Krabby Patty Cake

  1. Hey T.F.
    This was a great experience and sooo much fun!!! Thank you for having me over and taking the time to teach me a few of your tricks! I love how your cake turned out, it is A-maz-ing and I’m glad I could help on such a wonderful cake. I also, love what you did with this page and my spongebob, “massacre at bikini bottom” this made me laugh! Yes, he did turn out a little gory in the end huh, but it was worth it. I had an awesome time and am happy to help anytime.
    Thank you again,
    The Unknown Artist

    P.S. I had tons of fun on my first fondant cake!! I enjoyed eating what was left of him 🙂

    • HI Ashlee,
      Thanks so much! For the arms and legs I rolled out colored fondant pretty thin, cut a clean edged strip the height of the arms/legs, etc, then used a lollipop stick and rolled it just enough to wrap it all the way around, then used a sharp blade to cut it again. You have to work the seam just a little, but not much. I might have gotten the lollipop stick slightly wet to ensure the fondant stuck to it – I can’t remember for sure. I hand-painted the stripes and the white on the socks. If I had to do another one, I would have done the legs differently and rolled on the yellow as far as it needed to go, then rolled the socks on too, then put really super thin red/blue stripes over the socks. After hand-painted the socks and I didn’t like the way that came out but I ran out of time. Same process for adding the shirt sleeve and pant legs.
      Have fun!! Tina

  2. Tina,
    How did you get the top cake the way it is? did you carve it? did you bake a 10 in and cut it in half using the muffin top as the top part of the cake?
    Also, how did you make the bottom seemless? there’s not boarder and it looks fanstastic!!
    you did a fantastic job!! 🙂

    • Hi Roxanne, Thanks so much!!! These are two separate 10 in cakes – one cut flat and one left domed. I covered the bottom “bun” with fondant to give it that smooth look, then put the brownie layer on top of that. The top “bun” required very little carving because it’s just the way the cake rose when baked so I just trimmed it a little, if any, then covered it with fondant and left a little overhang – put it on top of the brownie then tucked the bottom of the fondant in, then added in the lettuce pieces and sauce. Hope that answered all your questions, if not, just write me back!! Thanks again! Tina

  3. hi
    i want to try making like this cake,its amazing.
    can i make it before one day or no,and any suggestions for filling?
    thank you

    • Thanks Sara!! Oh sure. I made this one the day before because we had to drive it to Montana. Worked out well. By filling, what exactly do you mean?? 🙂

    • oh, got it. Yes, I just used buttercream between layers to “glue” them together and then added a little more milk to the buttercream with food coloring to make the krabby patty sauce. Okay.. not sure if the krabby patty really has sauce…but mine did. 🙂 I would love to see a pic when you’re done!

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