Sculpted Pumpkins – Scary Clown & Scamper from Igor Movie

2 more pumpkins this year!  The clown was sculpted from my own 44 pound Dill’s Big Atlantic Pumpkin and Scamper was sculpted from a 55 pound pumpkin I won in a raffle, then donated back to the same cause for their auction fundraiser.  I hear he went to a good home!

Scary sculpted pumpkin clown evil halloween

Sculpted Pumpkin Carved Scamper Igor Halloween Pumpkins Sculpting

the “real” scamper…

Pumpkin Carving/Sculpting 02 – Tree Brain

Meet Tree Brain – you’d think in all the time it took to carve him I could have come up with a better name! ha.  – Pumpkin carving attempt #2 – 42.5 pound Dill Atlantic Pumpkin. See Big-Eyed-Boo Pumpkin #1